We're here to answer all of your questions about the  P3™️ Personal Protection Pack™️. If you don't find your answer here, please don't hesitate to reach out.

What is the lead time to fill orders?

As of 5/16/2020 the current fulfillment time is up to 30 days via standard shipping which is included in the price.

Expedited: Air freight can be chosen to expedite shipping at the buyer’s expense - rates fluctuate and will be quoted upon receipt of a PO.Metro Medical Equipment, Inc will have an inventory of product to fulfill orders in a much quicker timeframe in the near future. A notice will be provided when stock is available.

Where is the P3™️ Pack Made?

The P3™️ is manufactured in China.

What is the process and timeline to create custom packaging?

We offer a graphic design service at no charge to help create custom packaging. We require some basic details of what is to be included (logo, color scheme, any tag lines or verbiage) after which we will provide a design for the customer’s review within 24-48 hours.

What is the freight/delivery policy?

Standard freight included in price. Expedited shipping quotes can be provided after a PO is placed

What are the payment terms?

The P3™️ typically requires 100% pre-payment upon placing a PO.A cash-on-delivery financing option is available upon request. Additional charges are to be calculated upon PO and credit approval [a letter of credit or escrow will be required].

Where are orders submitted?

Orders are submitted to Metro Medical Equipment, Inc.

Can orders be processed now?

Yes! Orders can be processed immediately.

Are the 95% PFE and 3-ply mask registered with the FDA?

Yes, both masks are registered with the FDA.

How can I ask additional questions?

Reach out to Paul Mocur from Metro Medical Equipment, Inc
+1 (313) 220-5166 on WhatsApp or iMessage

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